1. Overview

This tutorial introduces the deploy plugin, one of the core plugins of the Maven build tool.

For a quick overview of the other core plugins, refer to this article.

2. Plugin Goals

We use the deploy plugin during the deploy phase, pushing artifacts to a remote repository to share with other developers.

In addition to the artifact itself, this plugin ensures that all associated information, such as POMs, metadata or hash values, is correct.

The deploy plugin is specified in the super POM, hence it's not necessary to add this plugin to the POM.

The most noticeable goal of this plugin is deploy, bound to the deploy phase by default. This tutorial covers the deploy plugin in detail, hence we won't go any further.

The deploy plugin has another goal named deploy-file, deploying an artifact in a remote repository. This goal isn't in common use though.

3. Conclusion

This article gave a brief description of the deploy plugin.

We can find more information about this plugin on the Maven website.

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